Tips For Beginners in Pickleball

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tips for beginners in pickleball

There are a few key tips for beginners in pickleball that should be remembered before heading out to the court. These tips will help you learn the game and start to play like a pro.

Returning the serve

The best way to begin a point in tips for beginners in pickleball is by returning the serve deep into your opponent’s court. This will allow you time to get into position for the next shot. Also, hitting the ball deep will push your opponent back and make it difficult for them to recover.

Establishing simple signals

One of the biggest mistakes new players make is trying to incorporate too many shots into their game at once. This is often a result of watching pro pickleball videos and thinking that the techniques, strategies, and shots they see will translate to their own game. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case – and trying to use a ton of different shots will only make you less effective in the long run.

Wearing the right shoes

It’s important for beginners to wear the proper footwear when playing pickleball to avoid a lot of unnecessary pain. Pickleball is a sport that requires a lot of lateral movement, which can be hard on the ankles without the proper support. Using tennis or court shoes will ensure that your feet are supported and protected against injury.