MUGA Pitch Contractors

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MUGA pitch contractors

MUGA pitch contractors are a specialist type of contractor that builds and maintains multi use games areas (MUGA). These types of surfaces allow a range of sports to be played on at the same time. They’re often used by schools, district councils/local authorities and community centres.Source:

There are a few different options when it comes to the construction of MUGAs. Choosing the right surface for your facility will help ensure that it is suitable for the widest range of sport. You should also think about what type of line and zone markings you want to have installed. These can be painted onto hard surfaces or inlaid into synthetic carpeting.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls in MUGA Pitch Contractor Selection

The most popular option for MUGA surface construction is a sand-dressed or sand-filled surface. This sort of surface is designed for hockey and recreational football but will also accommodate tennis, lacrosse and netball. This type of surfacing can be supplied with an anti-slip finish and a wide range of colour coatings.

Another type of MUGA surface is a polymeric surface. These are built from SBR or EPDM rubber with a slip-resistant material. Polymeric MUGA surfaces are ideal for non-ball sports and can be found in places such as recreation centres and member’s clubs.

Finally, the last MUGA surface is a 3G synthetic turf. This is designed to offer the same playing qualities as grass, but with a more durable surface that can be used all year round. This kind of surface can support hockey, recreational football and 5-a-side football as well as tennis and netball. This type of MUGA can be supplied with a full range of colour coatings and is an all-weather surface.