Hiring a Recruitment Agency in France

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Recruitment agency in France

Hiring a recruitment agency in France can make the job hunting process a lot easier. Lucrez In Europa maintain an online database of thousands of vacancies and have tools to help in the selection process. They can also answer questions regarding the job market in France, and will be able to provide advice and guidance on the application process.

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The Progress Recruitment Agency is a recruitment agency that was founded in 1993 and has been serving a diverse clientele for over 25 years. Their current client list includes local authorities, institutional bodies, and large companies. They also specialize in IT and telecom sectors. The agency is one of the best recruitment agencies in France and offers a wide variety of services to their clients.

France has a strong labor law that protects the rights of employees. French employers are not allowed to ask about a candidate’s criminal history unless it is relevant to the position. Additionally, France has extensive laws against discrimination. This means that it is illegal to discriminate against an applicant in the hiring process, regardless of marital status or language. Furthermore, during an interview, the interviewer should not ask probing questions and should focus solely on the job.

Foreign investors who want to start a recruitment agency in France must meet certain requirements. First, they must have the required qualifications for recruiting personnel. Second, they must be registered with the CPAM in the area of their residence. Resource –