Stickr Co Review

stickr co review

If you’re thinking about getting some decals for your car, stickr co review may be the perfect fit. This company pays people to post pictures of stickers they like on their cars. In exchange, the company will pay you money or gift cards for restaurants, which you can use to purchase items or even eat. Although Stickr does charge a subscription fee, the service pays its users in a timely manner and does not require any commitment of mileage.

A Review of a Free Car Decals App

If you’re looking for a free car decal app, consider Stickr. The company partners with real brands to put advertisements on stickers that you can easily apply to your car. This way, your car becomes a mini billboard and you pay the advertiser rent each month. Stickr decals are also easy to apply and leave no residue. In just a few minutes, you can add a decal to your car and start advertising!