Branding With a Logo Mat

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logo mat

A logo mat  is a strong investment in affirming your branding and making a strong first impression to anyone entering your facility. It is also a great way to protect carpets and floors from the dirt, grit, and moisture that is carried into your facility on visitors shoes.

Unlike other costly and disposable branding options such as flyers or email campaigns that have the effect of creating brand recognition and then disappearing; a logo mat creates a permanent visual identity for your business. The correct mat, in addition to being functionally designed for traction, trapping grime and moisture will be a constant reminder of your branding, and in most cases this can be achieved at a much lower cost than the equivalent price of signage on your premises or window engraving.

Stepping into Recognition: The Symbolic Impact of Logo Mats in Branding

Digitally printed logo mats start life as a “clear” undyed mat, and your logo image is then sprayed over the top of the fibres, just like desktop printer ink on paper. This method of printing is the most cost effective for intricate designs, and the mats can be supplied in an array of sizes and shapes to fit any area.

Molded Logo mats have a raised nub design on the top surface of the mat that scrapes and traps debris from footwear. The molded mat is then stamped or molded into the rubber or vinyl backing, giving it a solid and durable construction. The molded mat can not be produced in an image larger than 2′ x 3′, since the digitally printed images must each be individually printed, molded and then assembled separately.