Bali Huts Over Water

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There are dozens of luxurious Bali huts over water bungalows around the world, and Bali has a special place in my heart. The water villas in this area are famous for being above the waves and have become so popular that they now have their own websites. You can even book your stay with a private butler and enjoy the view from an infinity pool. The only drawback is that the prices are quite high compared to their counterparts on land.

Super Easy Ways To Handle Your Extra Bali Huts Over Water

bali huts over water

The concept of overwater bungalows first came about when three Californians extended the Club Bali Hai on Moorea into a lagoon protected by reefs. This concept spread to the Maldives, Tahiti, and the Caribbean. Since the overwater bungalows are anchored deeply in the sand, snorkelers cannot migrate from one to the other. The bungalows are typically located in shallow lagoons, making them perfect for snorkeling.

While not the most natural accommodation option in Bali, an overwater bungalow is an ideal private retreat if you’re visiting Bali for vacation. They’re located near a beach and are close to the main resort building. But they’re also in a resort-heavy area. A good place to dine is near your overwater bungalow, but it’s unlikely to be as romantic as an overwater villa.