5 Things to Look For in a Football Sleeve

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football sock sleeve

Football Sleeve for Better Performance

In the game of football sock sleeve | GAIN THE EDGE , players run, jump, twist and bend their legs putting their bodies through major physical activity that requires them to be pumped with oxygen in order to perform. This increase in blood flow allows muscles to recover faster during and after games which can result in increased productions like touchdowns, tackles and blocks.

Improved Compression

A good football sock sleeve will offer graduated compression. This means that it will tighten around the lower part of the leg nearest the foot and gradually decrease moving up towards the calf. This compression range enhances muscle stamina and strength, making your legs feel lighter and more energized.

Why Football Sock Sleeves Are More Than Just a Fashion Statement

The fabric that a football sock sleeve is made of is also important to look for prior to purchasing. Ideally, the sleeves should be made of an extra soft fabric that fits snugly to reduce irritation and deliver maximum comfort.

Pre-Scrunched Technology

A great football sock sleeve should give you the scrunched look that you want while keeping your socks in place all game long. Our sock sleeves are designed to fit perfectly with our game socks giving you a perfect match and the ultimate look.

Discrete Branding

A great football sock sleeve must have a discrete brand to provide you with the confidence that you are wearing the right sock. Our sock sleeves are available in many different colors and styles that will match your team and style.