A Judge Orders a Woman to Remove a “Fuck Biden Flag” From Her Yard

Fuck Biden Flag

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A municipal court judge in New Jersey has ordered a local woman to take down three “Fuck Biden” flags from her front yard. The judge says the flags violate a city ordinance against obscenity, and that they’re an offense to the public. He’s oblivious to the fact that this law runs afoul of First Amendment principles.

Controversy and Expression: The ‘Fuck Biden’ Flag

New Jersey’s Roselle Park is a close-knit, mostly Democratic community where political activism is encouraged. But a lot has changed since Barack Obama took office, and the area’s residents are now bracing for what could be a very rough election season. Amid the escalating tension between Democrats and Republicans, some locals have found a way to bridge the divide by supporting Joe Biden.

For many of those voters, the move is more than just symbolic. It’s a way to show support for a man who hasn’t been afraid to speak his mind. It’s also a sign that the nation’s two parties haven’t been as divided as they seem during this turbulent year.

“He’s a decent man,” says local Democratic Rep. Bill Fitzpatrick. “I’m just glad there are other people like me here in the district who stand by him.” His townhouse was once rock-ribbed Republican red, but it now lies in contested territory. And he wants his district to do everything it can to ensure the state’s House members are competitive in Washington.